Spiritual Formation

With mentor • 10 lessons • 53 students

This is a course of 10 lessons. This course identifies how God utilizes Scripture, people, personal experiences, contexts, literature, spiritual disciplines, and events to transform believers holistically into Christ-likeness. The format of the course will include inquiry, critical thinking, theological reflection, and an introduction to the holistic formation model.

Each lesson is followed by discussion/reflection questions. You will get a mentor who will give feedback to your answers and whom you can ask follow-up questions. Once you submit the first lesson your mentor will usually mark your lesson within 24 hours.

We advise you to take 1 lesson per day. This will allow you to think deeply about the spiritual content of the lessons, and to develop a relationship with your mentor to talk about your questions and your spiritual life. It works best if you use several weeks to go through the entire course.

We hope you enjoy the course, and that it will help you draw closer to God!

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